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There are many people who are searching how to convert website to android app for free. I am going to share with you the exact step by step tutorial to convert your website to android app free of cost.

Without beating about the bush like, Let’s begin

Disclaimer: I am not affiliate with any of the company I am sharing here.

There are only 7 simple steps to follow:-

Step 1: Visit the Link

The very 1st step in converting your website into android app is to visit this site (https://appsgeyser.com/blog/convert-website-to-apk-for-free/) and hit create app now button

website to app convert free

Step 2: Enter Details

Now enter your website URL and hit save. The site will take some time to grab the data. Once the data is grabbed by the site. You need to provide extra details it asks like selecting a website type. If your website is on wordpress, then select wordpress.

website to app free converter

The next option is to enable push notification. This is good if you write blog posts and update your website on a regular basis. But if you don’t write articles, posts than better disable it.

Next step is to configure colour scheme for the app. You can select default app theme colour or select your own according to your choice.

Now hit Finish.

Step 3: Naming Your App

Give your app a name. It could be anything but better match with your business or use keyword people might be searching for.

free wordpress to app converter

Step 4: Update Logo

Choose icon that would be displayed on your app like a logo. You can choose the default one or upload your own. The site should be 512 x 512.

how to convert website to app for free

Step 5: Finish

This is the last step … just hit create and you are all done but before you can see the final output, you need to signup with the program.

After login, it will show your your app with download link. Just look at the top of the screen and you will see your app name along with download apk button.

Step 6: Download

Hit download apk and you have two options.

Either you get your APK in your mail or just scan the barcode to download the same into your mobile.

how to convert website to apk

Just download and upload the same to playstore but wait … there is a catch here …

Well, creating an apk is free but uploading to playstore isn’t… You need to shed some money to create your account on Google Play Console and the cost of the same is $25 for lifetime.

You can avoid the cost if you don’t want to upload your APK for people to download from google play store. Instead, you can give a link of your app on your website and let people visiting your site may download directly from your servers. That way, they need to install it as a third party software but this is the free method which can be used in the beginning.

The other paid method is listed below and it is quite simple….

Step 7: Create Google Account

Creating a google play store account is easy even if you are not using gmail. The best part with google is that with single email account, you can manage multiple different google programs.

So, I am not going to tell you how to create gmail account as it is damm easy and can be done instantly.

If you already have an email account with Google… just goto Google Console

It will ask you to login to your account if not already.

upload apk to playstore

enter your usrename/password and hit login. It will ask you to create a new developer account.

  • Enter developer name .. It could be your business name or your own personal name whatever you want..
  • Enter secondary Email Id
  • Enter contact No.
  • Accept terms and hit create account and pay.
create account on google play store

You need to pay $25 one time fee to register with Play Store Console ….

Once paid, you will be able to login to your back office using the same email id you used to register.

I hope this article was easy to understand and if you think that it helped you a bit, please share with others in your network. It will boost my moral to write more such articles…