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Our Story

We, Star Computers, are a group of like-minded people who started this venture to provide better solutions to the market using today’s technology. Either you are looking to manage your data, your website, software or you want a new website to reach out to the people or required software to handle your business needs, “Star Computers” is here to help you. Star Computer believes in the mantra that says “Things could be difficult but not impossible”.

Our Founder

The founder had no intention to start this venture but due to a change in circumstances at his workplace, Star Computers was born in 2019.
Mr. Shaishav Sood the founder of the company is from an IT background and has vast experience in the field but he always worked for other companies and after gaining experience of almost 18 years, he thought of starting his own company.

Our Work Approach

We don’t do different things but we do things differently. Instead of giving you more doubts, we just give a simple solution to the problem, and sometimes, we don’t even charge for providing small solutions that don’t take much of our time.