Big fraud happening through WhatsApp, stay alert from hackers’ vicious tricks.

According to, big frauds are happing through WhatsApp, and users around the world are on the hacker’s target these days. These hackers are cleverly hacking user accounts. This whole game of forgery is being done through the WhatsApp verification code.  WABetaInfo has also shared a tweet associated with this scam. Let’s know what the whole matter is?

New Delhi

WhatsApp users are facing a big threat of hacking from hackers around the world. It is being told that some vicious hackers are doing frauds with users by claiming that they are part of the WhatsApp technical team. The help of a fake WhatsApp account is being taken for this scam. The hackers are telling users that this account is WhatsApp’s technical team’s official communication source.

Recently, WABetaInfo Shared Tweet with its Users and told that Cyber ​​Criminals ask for Verification Code for Counterfeiting, and for this, the fraudsters keep the WhatsApp logo in their profile picture so that users do not know about this fraud. WABetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp’s news and updates, has shared a tweet associated with this scam. In this, the same fake message has been shared which the vicious hackers are sending to WhatsApp users.

Verification code is sent through SMS

In this Spanish language message shared by a Twitter user, they are asked to verify their identity with a 6-digit verification code. This verification code is sent to the users via SMS. With the help of the verification code, users can activate their WhatsApp account on another device. This code helps protect the WhatsApp account from hackers.

Do not trust WhatsApp people

Seeing the WhatsApp logo in DP, users can easily get caught in the hoax of hackers. To alert users to the same thing, WABetaInfo said that WhatsApp never sends messages to its users in the app. Even if this happens, a green verified indicator will also appear with the logo and account name. Here, it is also important for the users to understand that Facebook-owned company WhatsApp never asks users for any kind of data or verification code.

This fraud has happened before

This is not the first time that WhatsApp users’ data is being attacked through a verification code. The use of WhatsApp has increased rapidly due to Coronavirus infection. Taking advantage of this opportunity, hackers have tried to access the verification code of the users. For this, hackers tried to know the verification code by calling themselves their friends to fraud with users in the UK.